A song about AIDS

by DannyUK

I’ve only just remembered this, but it’s worth putting into the blog as a song about AIDS brought a wry smile to my face when it played.


A short while ago I was in bed with a girl, and I’d put Spotify on so that we could basically get down to business with some music in the background. Now my music preference has been the butt of many jokes over the years, from friends to ex-wives and even through to the kids, the eclectic taste is one that no-one seems to embrace wholly. They have a point, I have two (yes, TWO!) Michael Bolton songs on my Spotify playlist. Sad, I know.

As I was getting more intimate with my lover, a new song started up. A drum beating and a familiar, haunting voice begins. The song? Queen’s These Are The Days Of Our Lives.

“Brilliant,” I said, taking into account the position I was in, “a song about AIDS.”

We giggled, because we’re childish like that, and I apologised saying that I had to change the song. Reaching over I clicked next and waited for a new song to begin. Another familiar song. Another drum beat to start it off.

“What are the chances of that? Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen. Another song about AIDS.”

Either I have a morose taste in music, or someone, somewhere, was having a laugh.

Mood: Undeterred.

Location: Home, Chelmsford


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