Chubby sticks

by DannyUK

I’ve used Spotify for years, and until it started basing itself as a subscription-based program rather than the unlimited playlists than it had before it was my music program of choice.


I booted it up for the first time in a while the other day and although it was instantly familiar (as I’d expect Napster would be were I to start using that again), it also had a massive centre-screen advert.

Maybe I’m far too used to Facebook or Google and the targetted adverts they use. Even Amazon, who will send me emails about items that I viewed in passing, I have a grudging respect for. These three companies know how to sell to people and they are only getting stronger as a result.

What did you call me?!

Spotify though, they are different. I logged in to see this. Two things immediately spring to mind. First, what the fuck are Chubby Sticks? Secondly, using the phrase “Mix and max your favourite Chubby Sticks” makes it sound like you’re calling me names. Well played Spotify. You’re showing a 34-year-old man adverts for make-up (ironically I just Googled Chubby Sticks and didn’t actually click the link).

I’m pretty sure that Chubby Sticks was the nickname someone gave to the fat kid at school who used crutches.


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