Being first at the Fringe

by DannyUK


@Catiewilkins on Twitter tweeted the other day:

My favourite thing about this years fringe guide is how many people tried to be at the front of it

Being first at the fringe - Taken from an article by

This led to a quick Twitter conversation between Kip Hakes and I on being first at the fringe:

Me: I might go up next year with a show called “A”.


Kip: I think my show ‘0’ will be at the front.


Me: How long before someone has an untitled show?


Me: My last contribution. A show called “Pretentious”, spelt simply ” “.

Personally I think that’s a great gag, though I’m not sure it works well on paper. It also strikes me that it may be a recycled joke, as I’m pretty sure someone must have used the same idea for a perfume gag.  (Gag as in joke,  not as in a gag made of perfume.  Gross.)


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