Roll up, roll up to the freak show

by DannyUK

The One Show has a piece about an orchestra made up entirely of disabled people. I can understand Paralympics, and the wont for disabled people to compete against each other on as level a playing field as possible, but why do we need to have para-orchestra? Doesn’t this merely label them as some kind of freak show?



What next? An orchestra for the musically untalented? Or do we already have those with the various boy bands? As interesting as it is to see a one-handed pianist, let’s not fool ourselves that we’re not all watching it not because he plays the piano so well, but because it just looks bloody weird to see a one-handed man bang out a tune. In fact, I would guess that the argument is that it’s more difficult, but surely it must be easier playing a piano one-handed, as you don’t have to think about what two hands are doing so in effect it’s half the work.

Google’s a strange thing. Search for “half loaded porn photo” and it gives you a man cut in half. Oh well *unzips*

Fortunately I have two hands, so it’s not something I have to immediately worry about, but after being online for 15 years I have become quite adept at typing one handed, and I can’t say that my typing speed is much slower using only half the fingers available to me. I will, however, concede that these days there is much less one-handed typing, and much more one-handed pointing and clicking. But then that’s the ever-increasing ability to download pictures and videos rather than having to rely on text-based chat.

My current mood: Emotionally crippled. Who wants to start a band?


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