by DannyUK

Ahhhh, reflection. At times my life seems like a big mirror, and all I can do is gaze into it and look at what is happening around me.


Recently I’ve been very blasé about life and the things that are happening around me. It almost feels as though I’ve been taking anti-depressants, such is the calm, non-worried approach I’ve adopted to almost any problem in recent weeks. This is very unlike me and - for the record - I’ve taken no drugs at all barring the odd paracetamol.

I really don’t know what my future holds at the moment. This year certainly hasn’t gone the way it was supposed to, and I feel a definite bitterness that my plans didn’t work out as I’d hoped, though bizarrely the bitterness seems buried and as neutral as an acidic taste can be.

Mood: Tired

Location: Starbucks, Chelmsford


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