Silly things that annoy me

by DannyUK

What is there to say after three weeks of relative silence on the blog? Loads, to be honest, but nothing (again) that I want to go into.


Work is going well. The love life is going well. My private life is all over the place, as it always seems to be, and I’m as skint as ever.

We’re in the middle of a drought, despite two weeks of almost constant rain, and if I hear the jokes about having “the wettest drought ever” one more time, I might cry.

I’m finding that there are silly things that annoy me at the moment.

I took the kids swimming yesterday and got the hump at the fact that the lockers had a sign saying they were “1£” rather than “£1”.

silly things that annoy me - The lockers at Riverside Ice and Leisure in Chelmsford which take 1£ rather than £1. Taken from an article by

1£ FFS!

I turned on BBC News earlier on BBC One, to be met with the announcement that “man found dead and locked in a suitcase” was ‘probably killed unlawfully’ - No shit, really?

Sky Sports News tweeted that Fabrice Muamba was confirmed to be attending the Bolton vs Spurs match the next day, just forty something days after having an on-pitch heart attack. Man goes to football match. Newsworthy indeed.

I had drinks midweek with the very heavily pregnant Loz and her hubby Kip - another amusing night out that included laughing at those less fortunate than us (and that includes Kip taking the piss out of me), Loz moaning with the general aches and pains that a 40-week pregnant woman moans with, only for Kip to declare that he “knows how she feels” because he had some trapped wind.

I read a blog that contained the line “thank you for your concern. I am no longer bleeding from the ass.”, and laughed long and loud at it.

I shared with Twitter how men organise trips to the pub. You’ll note the lack of words, the timing of the texts and the distinct no-pissing-aboutness of it.

How men organise trips to the pub.

How men organise trips to the pub.

And lastly, I got in from work last Saturday at around 3pm, having had a couple of pints in the pub on the way home, snuck into bed and had THE BEST nap I have ever had. Three solid hours of blissful sleep.

This is the most interesting highlights from my week, and you wonder why I don’t blog more?


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