Come Dine With Me

by DannyUK

I had the kids over this weekend, and although I ended up spending most of the weekend in bed with a virus that knocked me for six, the kids were generally good and kept themselves amused. The highlight was playing Come Dine With Me.


On Saturday night, having spent a couple of hours (no doubt spurred on by my 11-year-old) watching Come Dine With Me, which had featured our home City of Chelmsford this week, the kids decided they would rate dinner a la Come Dine With Me.

Come Dine With Me - Kid-style - Taken from an article by

The score card!

I took a photo of my 9-year-old’s score card. Things I should point out. 1) There was no starter. I can only assume she is referring to the garlic bread that was served up with her pasta. 2) Despite an unhappy face rating, she scored me an overall 8, 3) The dessert (profiteroles) is referred to, and she mentions how her elder sister took too much of the chocolate sauce. I believe this (unfairly) affected the rating towards me.

My seven-year-old joined in too, declaring, before dessert was served, that she was giving a rating of 4.

“Four?!” I asked, surprised as she had finished her dinner for once, “well that just means you don’t get any dessert.”

“Not four! I rate it a ten. Ten!” was the swift response.

Kids are so easy to bribe.


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