Llama’s bites

by DannyUK

I was admonished (politely) earlier for not posting on the blog recently.


Llamas - Keeping my brain ticking over. Taken from an article on DannyUK.com

Llamas - Keeping my brain ticking over.

I’ve not really had the time but seeing as my brain was trying to take leave of its own senses earlier, I thought I’d share my 30-second thought process as I walked down the condiment aisle in Tesco earlier when I saw a new product - Llama’s Baked Bites.

Hmmm. Someone who farms llamas would be a llama farmer.

But if someone hurt that farmer, then that person would be a llama farmer harmer.

Imagine if it was the President of the USA that did it! The press would have a field day and he’d forever be known as Obama - The llama farmer harmer.

And if there were TWO murderers, both called Obama, but one was more violent than the other then in order to differentiate between the two we’d have one nicknamed Calmer Obama - The llama farmer harmer.

But then if it was revealed that the violent llama farmer was a bit of a bastard (maybe he’d been killing the llamas. Who knows. That’s not important here.) who’d been killed by the nice Obama then it’d be known as an incident called Calmer Obama - The llama farmer harmer karma.

I swear that this was a real in-head conversation that happened earlier.

Pray for me.


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