“I’ll juggle my shopping back to the car…” 

Lunch was taken at Starbucks again today. Not for their quality coffee - anyone will tell you I’m a Costa man - but for the sheer convenience that it”s closest to work, there’s never a queue and I can always get a seat.


As I sat there reading a book, I occasionally looked up and scanned my surroundings. It amazes me that the human eye can capture so much detail in so little times. I flicked my line of sight upwards from book to horizon as I sat there, then just as quick back down again.

Immediately I knew there was a throng of people walking past, but that one, in particular, stood out as attractive. Looking up again I looked around for a few seconds, taking in a sea of people of various ages and size, race and colour.

Thinking momentarily that my eyes had deceived me, I struggled to find whoever it was that had made me raise my eyes again, when suddenly, to my left hand side, I saw her. A brunette, slim with a tan, strolling confidently through the shopping centre. Not really my type (I’m sure she’d be gutted to know), but certainly on the ‘attractive’ end of society’s graph of perception.

To take in so much information, even if it lacks quality in terms of description, with just a glance is amazing, and I wonder just how much information we inadvertently take it just through stuff that generally passes us by.

Mood: Slightly in awe at the human body.

I decided to pop into Tesco (the one that Kip blogged about) on the way home from work, and as I queued up to pay for the reasonably-priced but thoroughly dried out piece of chicken that had probably been sitting on the side for several hours, I overheard a conversation at the next till where a guy had a trolley full of shopping that he had laid on the conveyor.

Tesco Chelmsford - Taken from a DannyUK.com article

Chelmsford Tesco. No juggling to be seen in this photo though.

As the till monkey prepared to scan the first item, he said to the shopper “Would you like some bags for that?” The shopper replied completely straight-laced. “No thanks, I’m going to juggle it all back to the car.” It had me giggling like a school girl.

Mood: Giggly.

Location: Starbucks, Chelmsford & home, Chelmsford

by DannyUK

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