Misheard lyrics

by DannyUK

I was swapping texts with Scouse Girl the other day, and we were talking about common misconceptions, which was a thread I had stumbled on in the Football365 forum. The conversation quickly moved from misconceptions to misheard lyrics.


Scouse Girl started it off by revealing that a bloke she knew thought the lyrics “Three lions on the shirt” was “sealions on the shore”, adding that if you listen to the song you can see his point (I remain unconvinced that anyone could escape this song when it was out, much less get the lyrics wrong, but still).

I replied back saying that when Kaiser Chiefs released their first album, it was played constantly in our office at HFC, and that one of the guys there would happily sing along whenever he could. The only problem was that he would continually sing along to the chorus of “I predict a riot” with the words “I have got Tourette’s, I have got Tourette’s…” The Kaiser Chiefs were still fairly new back then, so we let him off not knowing what would become one of their biggest hits.

The last one I could think of was going back to when I was an apprentice. In the days before the internet, and before anyone could easily look up lyrics to any song. We’d sit listening to the radio, and the other apprentice, Mark, would sing along and generally act as alpha-male as any apprentice is able to (it’s remarkable how quickly an apprentice can be reduced from “alpha male” to “tea maker” with the simple phrase “Tea, Mark. Now!”).

Virgin Radio was the choice back in the day, and one morning, as the DJ announced he was playing Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, Mark jumped up and began singing along. Not “Hey where did we go?”, the opening line, but instead “Hey there Amigo!”. Bless him. He swore blind that those were the correct words too.

Any more misheard lyrics out there?

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