Reformatting a laptop

Reformatting a laptop is never something I decide to do on a whim. I’ve had my laptop for just over two years now, and in that time it has steadily grown slower and slower to use.


I have so much software on here for doing various things, most of which I don’t use. There is Nokia software, for a phone that I haven’t had for 18 months, several different programs for viewing illegal streaming of football games, the remnants of a Microsoft Office package or two that were installed, used and deleted in place of Open Office.

That’s not to mention the copious amounts of small programs that I have downloaded, installed and only used a couple of times before getting bored of them / finding them too hard to use / forgetting about.

The time has come to wipe the slate clean. I have decided to reformat the laptop and reinstall what I use regularly from scratch. So far I have dragged everything I want to keep over to an external drive, which is creaking at the overuse.

The next step is to create a backup file (just in case I chose to install from backup at any stage - namely if I have forgotten to drag anything to the hard drive) The problem is that the external hard drive is now full, so I have nowhere to save the backup. Bugger.

I’m determined to wipe it completely and start again, rather than just reinstall Windows, as I really need to lose quite a few programs, so this afternoon I will decide whether to invest in a new External Hard Drive (£50 in Maplins for 120Gb or £70 for 500Gb - Neither of which is in my price range of “as cheap as possible”) or to forgo the backup and just reinstall what I want from what I have on my external drive. Risky, as I ALWAYS forget to back something up.

Thinking about it as I write this out, I might see if I can sign up for free online storage somewhere, as that would solve a lot of problems.

Alternatively, I could just delete all the films that I am holding on to and redownload them again as and when the laptop is wiped clean. Looking around, I can sign up for ADrive for free, which gives me 50Gb of storage and I don’t need to enter my credit card details. It does mean that they can spam the shit out of my account as they have cleverly made the “check here to not received spam” section only available to paid subscribers. Still, that’s why we all have a secondary email account - to sign up for stuff like this.

1984 computer - Photo by Taken from a article Reformatting a laptop

This is what my laptop feels like sometimes. Photo taken from with thanks

I’m not overly confident about doing all of this. In my experience in formatting a laptop, it either goes smoothly or it completely screws up the computer.

I shall be chanting the mantra “It can all be fixed” as it’s whirring away, though, and if you don’t get any updates from me for a few days, I’m not dead, merely mourning a broken laptop.

Edit: I’ve just realised that the original title of this piece will probably make more people view the blog just out of sheer curiosity. I’d like to claim that it was intentional, but it wasn’t, I promise. I’ve since added in the “reformatting a laptop” bit.

In fact, this is such a banal update I’m tempted to not promote it on Twitter or Facebook. Only tempted, mind.

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