West Ham Tevez rumours

by DannyUK

FFS, people annoy me. I was going to chuck this out as a tweet, but 140 characters simply isn’t enough for me to say everything that I wanted to say.


Carlos Tevez - Much loved football player, and a former West Ham striker. He is currently on strike at Man City and hasn’t played for several months.

All of a sudden this afternoon there is a massive rumour going around that West Ham are in the running to sign Tevez on loan, so much so that the odds at various bookmakers of Tevez joining the Hammers have dropped to favourites. As West Ham Tevez rumours go, this is as unexpected as the original signing of him in 2006.

West Ham Tevez rumours

Tevez in happier times.

Twitter is awash with excited Hammers fans all talking about the possibility of Tevez “coming home”. To be frank, the short-sightedness of many is both frustrating and amazing. Let me try and put this into simple terms.

This is all in the hands of Man City.

Man City seem to actively dislike Tevez. They are going to sell him for £20m at some stage, even if it’s not until the Summer. They aren’t paying him any wages as he is on strike.

Can West Ham lower season ticket prices?

Why would they then decide to loan him to West Ham, where he could get injured and therefore risk losing the chance to sell him in the Summer? Why on earth would they suddenly offer to start paying part of his wage - that is going to cost them money compared to the situation they are in now?

They don’t need to loan him out.
They don’t need him to be match fit.
They don’t need to do Tevez any favours.

He will not join us. Even the tabloid journos on Twitter have publicly said they’ve chased this story through and that it appears unfounded. As much as it would be great to see him wearing the claret and blue again, it is not going to happen. Certainly not in the near future, so please, please calm the Hell down.

*and breathe…*


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