Sky 3D and reading on the loo

by DannyUK

Did you know that Sky 3D have different commentators than the normal Sky Sports channels?  Odd, isn’t it?


A quick aside: There is a lady sitting near me in the coffee shop as I write this, who has bleach blonde hair with a pink fringe.

I’m not quite sure what look she is going for, but I don’t think the “hit my head on a radiator and now I have a wound that’s bleeding” was quite the impression she wanted to make. Think Terry Butcher in *that* photo and you’ll have an idea of how she looks.

A bloodied Terry Butcher - Used in the article 'Sky 3D' at Original image taken from, with thanks.

The woman in Costa.

I’ve already written about how tiring the weekend was, but there was always time to learn a couple of new things, both garnered from Twitter.

Things I learnt this weekend:

People on Twitter are sarcastic bastards:

Why do Sky3D customers have a different commentator on the games that Sky HD customers?

  • @paulweatherley
    @DannyUK they use different camera angles on 3D, so you can appreciate the 3D. So need an additional commentator to describe the pictures
  • @stevecs
    @DannyUK One wears glasses and the other doesnt?

And possibly my favourite:

  • @MP_6
    @DannyUK Because they’re listening to it in 3D

Some people don’t read while on the toilet. Making a point about how long men spend in toilets, I thought I summed it up quite well with this:

@kiphakes @herring1967 With reading material: > 5 mins. Without reading material: < 5 mins. Easy.

Which is why there is always - ALWAYS - something to read in the bathroom, even if it is just Twitter on the iPhone.


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