by DannyUK

I’m shattered today. I feel like I could sleep for a week. The reason? I’ve had the kids.


Shattered - Bearded Man asleep

Having four kids for any amount of time is never easy, but I’ve never really understood why it is so tiring, especially as the tiredness level seems the same whether we have a really hectic weekend, or a really relaxing one. This weekend I decided to take stock and try to pinpoint what precisely is so draining.

I have the answer, and it’s a fairly simple one. Kids. Just the kids, being kids. That’s all. With four of them and one of me, it’s multiplied, and the oneupmanship between siblings, as well as the ongoing need for each of them to speak slightly louder in order to be heard is quite something.

I lost count of how many times I had to ask one to stop speaking so that the one who they’d interrupted could finish their sentence.

I lost count of the times I had to ask for the same item of clothing to be picked up from where it had been dumped in the middle of the floor.

I also lost count of the times I had ask them to keep their voices at a reasonable level, and yes, I even lost count of the times I lost count.

Even the times that they were being entertained didn’t seem to calm them down. An hour spent in our local Lush store making bubble bars seemed to keep them occupied and happy, though the excitement of making their own products was carried through the rest of the day.

Watching Gnomeo and Juliet later than night seemed to settle them down before bedtime. Making cookies in the daytime meant that they all got some one-on-one time with their dad, such was the way I made sure the preparation and cooking was structured.

Yet it’s easy to forget just how much energy kids have, and the non-stop bounciness is tiring on a guy in his mid-30s like myself. Not that I’d change it for a second, of course. I love seeing the kids, and even with their mood-swings, tantrums, tears, shouting matches, early mornings and late nights it’s all part of being a dad. As tired as I am, the good points outweigh the bad, every single time.


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