Unlocking old entries

by DannyUK

I woke up this morning after a restless night. I recall waking several times in the night, albeit briefly, and as such I am sat here this morning feeling tired and grumpy. For some reason, one of the things that flashed through my brain was this blog and unlocking old entries.


Mel’s logo. Kip doesn’t have one otherwise that’d be up here too!

Firstly I should thank, and link to both Mel’s site and Kip’s site. Mel designed the new header on this site, and Kip rejigged the previous one so that it wasn’t pixelated to Hell.

Both of them blog, though Mel’s is primarily a beauty blog and Kip’s is funny but updated infrequently (and this is a gentle nudge to remind him to keep writing). Thank you both for making this site more aesthetically pleasing!

It’s strange to think that there are over 500 entries here, stretching back several years.

A lot of the these are password protected. My blog was - at one stage - very personal. Full of fears, desires and generally stuff that could do damage to me or upset those around me if they read the entries.

That’s not to say there is anything here that is shocking, but there is some brutal honesty locked away which people don’t need to see, as well as idle gossip and bitching about people I’ve worked with which really doesn’t do anyone any good to be unlocked.

There are, however, some entries that can be unlocked. Silly stuff. Stuff that makes me laugh. Writing that is honest, open and at times quite moving. And stuff that was locked merely because it revealed secrets about other people.

Reading back through some of the entries today I’ve decided to unprotect some of the posts. As I’m going through them I am trying to leave them unmodified, though I will readily admit that in some entries I have removed parts (namely stuff like “… and [this person] is rumoured to have slept with so-and-so…”) not because it isn’t true, or that the rumours have changed, but more so because that person was married at the time.

Here’s some of the better unlocked entries so far:

A jokey text: If we woke up naked together…

A long and heartfelt true story: What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

A small, silly but amusing mistake: How many inches in a foot?

Parents of young kids will recognise this kind of thing: “What are you sorry for?”

There are more entries that have been unlocked, but they’re not worth linking to. I will keep unlocking posts as and when I can, but I can’t say that I feel in any rush to do so. Hopefully some of these posts are worth reading.


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