STD Dating - The mind boggles and the crotch itches.

by DannyUK

After blogging about The rules of online dating a couple of days back I was sent a link to a specialist dating site. I’m sure we’ve all seen the normal dating sites.


The best site for if you want to date pieces of clothing.

Plenty Of Fish, and the likes, but just recently there have been adverts on tv for the likes of Uniform Dating (though thankfully they draw the line at school uniform - that’d just be catering to a whole new niche), and one or two perverts out there have probably stumbled across BDSM dating (I happened to stumble across that by chance if I’m honest. I had to type ‘BDSM dating’ into Google to get there, but still.)

The site that I got sent a link to yesterday was Positive Singles - #1 community for STD dating Yes, that’s right, a dating site for those carrying Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

There’s only one thing worse that I can think of than admitting to using this site, and that’s browsing it in a coffee shop which is exactly what I’ve just realised I’m doing as I write this. Mind you, not one single person who has walked past me this morning has asked if any of the three spare seats around me are free, despite it being busy here, so everything has an upside.

I suppose it should be pointed out that the site is probably aimed at those unfortunate enough to be suffering from HIV / AIDS, but it doesn’t stop the imagination going into overdrive. The mind boggles at the Marketing campaign this company could use.

Positive Singles logo

STD Dating - marginally less embarrassing than going to the local clap clinic.

STD Dating - We share because we care!

  • Are you a better-endowed man looking for a lady that can take everything you have to offer? Look at our “Infected fannies” section - No need for lube with these weeping crotches.
  • Do you suffer from Parthenophobia? - Our users have had more pricks than a dartboard!
  • Are you a woman looking for that something special? Try our “Men with genital warts” section - They’re ribbed for YOUR pleasure.

The list of vomit-inducing mental images in almost limitless. I feel like I have barely scratched the surface in terms of piss-taking here, and I’ve no doubt there’ll be people out there who immediately come up with better and funnier taglines. I personally think the site owners have missed a trick by not calling their site “Plenty of Crabs” though.

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