Daniella Westbrook, Eddie Murphy and Twitter

by DannyUK

Monday morning and it’s so cold outside that everything looks as though it has been lightly dusted in icing sugar, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a far nicer image than ‘the inside of Daniella Westbrook’s nostril’ which is how I was going to describe it. (Poor Daniella. Appeared in two high-ranking BBC One shows - Eastenders and Dancing On Ice - and yet still she is remembered most for her drug abuse.)

Daniella Westbrooke septum

A little-known fact is that the septum stops the tongue from falling out, as shown in the example above.

The weekend has come and gone in the blink of an eye and once again I can write it off as another 48 hours where little happened. Having said that, I suddenly realise there is an Eddie Murphy 80s film-based pun in that sentence though the brain is too tired to really work it out.


Rest assured though that by the time I end up publishing this entry, there will no doubt be a picture alongside this bit of the blog with some kind of semi-sarcastic remark about the film, the stars or the era.

Eddie Murphy Another 48 hours

Younger readers may not be aware that there was once a time when a) Eddie Murphy was funny and b) he didn’t play every single role himself in his movies.


It’s always a good indication of my boredom levels if I tweet a lot. Looking back through the weekend, I seem to have been on there non-stop, and very few of the tweets have anything of interest to say in them.

It’s one of the reasons I like Twitter. Quite apart from being on the pulse of everything that is happening everywhere, it’s also a place where anyone can, and does, write whatever they are thinking, no matter how boring.

The “what I am having for breakfast” tweet is often rolled-out as a reason by those that don’t use the site to stay away from Twitter, but somehow it is this incessant banality that can be so great when you’re in a bored and fidgety mood.

My old English teacher; “Good? Good?! There are over 200,000 words in the Oxford English dictionary & all you can muster is ‘life is good’?”

It’s funny the small things you remember from school, but one thing that always sticks with me is my old English teacher, Mr Wells, who had a variation of the phrase above that he used with alarming regularity, though I’m certain he used to quote something about 30,000 words rather than the 200,000 which I settled on after being sad enough to look up online how many words are in the English language (somewhere between 200,000 and 750,000 depending on what you believe and how you define a word).

It’s definitely his insistence on an expanding vocabulary which has caused me to dislike the word ‘nice’. “A Lotto win would be nice right now.” Nice. What a horrible word.

Dear Twitter, I have a confession. It was me. *I* was the person that didn’t watch Sherlock tonight…

If Twitter reflects real-time social happenings, then every sod in the country was watching Sherlock last night. So many tweets were running through my timeline with a Sherlock theme that I felt I owed it - to myself, if not others - to come clean and admit that I was the one person who hadn’t watched the program.

I felt sure that this may save several hundred hours of time searching for me when someone, somewhere, discovered that someone hadn’t watched it. I needn’t have bothered though as it turned out that there was at least five other people that didn’t watch it either. Ha! Take THAT, popular culture.


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