by DannyUK


Having missed out on Movember, and the opportunity to look like a big gay bear for a month, I instead decided to embrace the idea of Decembeard. Starting on 1st December fully clean-shaven, I managed to get through the month without shaving or even tidying up at all.

42 days in, and enough is enough. I decided that the beard should go, and the hair should be shortened. Out came the clippers, off came most of the beard and… sod’s law, the clippers stopped working and needed recharging. 24 hours later I finished the job off and posed in that lean-slightly-to-one-side that I seem to have to capture the difference.

If this were art, it’d be called Homeless to Homie, or something equally ridiculous. But as it’s not art, it isn’t. Here you go.


Day 42


What a difference a day makes.

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