Sky Broadband and walnut-free Walnut Whip

by DannyUK

Some habits are hard to break. For me, it’s routines or, more specifically, knowing what is happening and when.


I was due to have my broadband connected with Sky yesterday, and by 11 am it still hadn’t been done, so I decided to give them a call, just to see if there was any update that they could give me. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything precise.

Sky Broadband due to be activated today. Just called Sky to find out when. They helpfully told me “before midnight”. Cocky fuckers.

In fact, the best I was hoping for was something like “It can be anytime today, but normally it’s done by 5 pm” Instead I got some snotty operator who simply said “it will be done before midnight.”

When I pressed to see if she could narrow it down, or if there was generally anything else she could add, she merely repeated herself in the same clipped voice “it will be done before midnight.” The line was delivered with a snotty, aloof attitude. I thanked her for her time and put the phone down.

This is normally where you’d expect to read that I was back on the phone at a minute past midnight, moaning that my broadband wasn’t running. But honestly, it was done by 2 pm, with no fuss or hassle, barring about 30 minutes when the phone was out of action which they had pre-warned me about anyway. Fair play to Sky.

There’s a fit young(ish) woman at my house doing yoga & I’m watching my kids swim at the local swimming pool. I’ve got something wrong here.

Tuesday night is swimming lesson night for my youngest two, so from 5 pm until about 7.30pm I am busy picking up, watching, washing, drying and dropping them off again.

This Tuesday was no different, but for the fact that Tasha was visiting. Though she hadn’t planned to get to mine until later, her day had altered at the last minute and instead she got to mine just before 4 pm with a revised plan of going for a run and doing some yoga at mine as opposed to going to the gym as she had been planning to do. Hence my tweet above sent at 6.30pm on Tuesday.

Mmmm, vanilla.

After I’d dropped the kids off, Tasha and I went for Nando’s and then headed back to the flat to watch tv and talk rubbish. On the way home we popped into Tesco and bought supplies. (Me: black bin bags and dry pasta. Tasha: Three bags of chewy sweets, some Walnut Whips and a small box of chocolates which I somehow ended up paying for. Last year, this would have been completely the other way round.)

It wasn’t until we got home that I mentioned that the worst bit about the Walnut Whip was the walnut. Dry, brittle and fairly tasteless, I’ve always treated it as the vegetables at dinner time that I’d have to eat if I wanted any ice cream.

Tasha agreed and I’m now wondering if there are loads of people like us that would prefer a walnut-free Walnut Whip. This could be the start of the revolution! Someone else will have to come up with a name, though, as I feel both “Whip” and “Walnutless Whip” fall short.

Strangely, despite a combined age of almost 60, neither of us threw away the nut. We both ate it, grimaced and swiftly devoured the remaining chocolate and marshmallowy goodness. Some habits you just can’t break.


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