Chelmsford loves chopping down trees

by DannyUK

The wind is blowing, Chelmsford town centre looks like it’s about to blow away and in a move that I don’t think is at all linked, Chelmsford Borough Council are cutting down more trees near Mothercare, presumably because their roots are causing the paving to crack and buckle.


Chelmsford council cutting down trees near mothercare - Taken from an article by

The freshly-lopped aftermath of tree-felling near Mothercare.

I don’t know what’s stopping them from doing something less drastic, but I’m sure someone, somewhere has proven that Chelmsford residents are happy with less trees in the town. I’m not especially environmentally-embracing, but it annoys me for some reason that they seem to be knocking down the trees rather than fixing the problem.

Chelmsford loves chopping down trees - This was one of them which was outside Yates in Chelmsford - Taken from

Outside Yates, one can only imagine that this tree saw many gruesome things. It’s in a better place now. Chelmsford loves chopping down trees.

I woke up this morning with the intention of running into town, only to find that the cold that I’ve been carrying for a few days has stepped up a gear and I now ache from head to toe, and can barely speak in anything other than a croak, which made two telephone conversations I had this morning an interesting listen.

I’ve since dosed myself up with paracetamol and ibuprofen which has lessened the aches and pains but hasn’t stopped the running nose or the generally feeling that my head is full of cotton wool. I should be applying for jobs and chasing things through but I feel so rough, and sound even worse, that I can’t do it today.

At least certainly not the chasing part. I have seen a job advertised with the local council, which Scouse Girl pointed out to me, and I thought I’d apply for that online, only to find out a couple of minutes ago that I need to print and send off the application form. Bugger. That means getting some printer paper and sorting out the printer which has sat fairly redundant in the corner of the living room since the move.

I suppose I could also print off a few CVs at the same time and through them around town. (Not literally, though sometimes one suspects that may be more productive.) The Co-op Bank still haven’t returned my call, which is frustrating as I left yet another message for them yesterday (and after all, they texted me asking me to contact them!)

A brilliant bank. If only they’d hire me!

I had something else that I was going to write about today, something that was more interesting than me whining on, but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. I saw something in passing on tv a few nights back about abortion, and I know that I was going to try and put down on here my feelings about the unfairness towards a man that the whole child-raising issue causes, but that’s a lengthy rant which requires if not some thought, then certainly a frame of mind that I don’t have right now.

I also need to determine how I refer to people on here. Scouse Girl’s real name is obviously not Scouse Girl, and I don’t know how I should address her (and have in fact probably mentioned her real name on here before). I also need to think about whether to continually name check my kids in the blog. Decisions, decisions.

Until then, I’ve no doubt my next entry will be about printers, printed paperwork and gale force wind. Again. Oh WordPress, just how much of your content is full of as much crap as this?

Edit: for some reason, all the pics in this post appear to be stretched. Not sure what’s going on, and can’t be arsed to change it and I’ve spent 30 minutes looking for the problem without any luck.

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