New Year resolutions

by DannyUK

In 2012, I plan to write at least one entry per day in this blog. What’s that? Is it 2nd Jan already? If you ever need reasons why making resolutions at the turn of a year is a crock of shit, that’s one right there.


But at least I can add to the ever-growing “What am I learning” list. The first paragraph was written on the iPhone app, and saved as a draft, but I couldn’t access it through the WordPress dashboard without publishing it first. Weird. So this post, if you happen to be reading it on the morning of 2nd Jan, is a work in progress.

Back to the point. New Years Resolutions. I’ve never really understood why a date - any date - should be the signal to start things anew. If you want to give up smoking / lose weight / cut your masturbatory habits to twice daily, then do it. Don’t wait for 1st Jan - you’re only setting yourself up to fail, as you will no doubt decide days or weeks in advance what your resolution will be, and you’re adding extra pressure to yourself.

I really would love to write entry per day here, but in all honesty there is precious little that I ever feel like blogging about, and I am treading the line between revealing stuff about myself and keeping it all locked and passworded here, but I don’t think anyone in their right mind wants to see page after page of locked posts, right?

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I think I may be approaching this from the wrong angle. I don’t need to lose weight, I need to gain height…

It seemed last year that 2011 would finally be the year that I became self-employed, but it wasn’t to be. Though I am still pushing for this to happen, the self-employment revolves around opening a shop, and as that is dragging on, I am now looking for work. I’m reliably told by anyone that I speak to that January is the ideal time to look for a new job, but I’m not so sure. I guess I’ll find out as tomorrow I start chasing the job I applied for pre-Christmas, and also start applying for new jobs. My CV is up to date, I can plaster a smile on my face, and I am ready for - though dreading - interviews.

Maybe that’s what my resolution should be. Find a new job. Actually, scrap that, I don’t need the extra pressure on myself. (nb: First post of 2012: DONE. One more today and I am on target for the year…)

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