Keeping entertained and complaining

by DannyUK

I can tell that boredom has set in recently thanks, in part, to a lack of unlimited internet. Keeping entertained and complaining seem to be my two main aims right now.


I’ve finally got a date for my broadband to be installed at home, but that is two weeks away and I am burning through my measly 1Gb mobile broadband data on my dongle, especially as I have a habit of forgetting that stuff like iTunes and uTorrent are still loaded in the background from where I have been busy using the laptop in Costa and leeching the free WiFi from the restaurant next door.

The internet on my mobile is restricted to something like 1Gb (maybe less?) too, and I’m going through that at a rate of knots too.

Meadows II multistorey car park - Just one of the ways of Keeping entertained and complaining -

What a waste of electricity. Shame on you Essex County Council!

Still, I’m keeping myself amused and part of that amusement is the moving of this blog to WordPress, but also I’ve signed up for Instagram (my username is @iamdannyuk if you’re interested), a photo-sharing app which I’ve seen many others sign up to and use, and that I have so far resisted. No more, though.

Now I have yet another outlet for my sarcasm and bitter comments. So far my photos and comments have mainly been moaning about Chelmsford Borough Council - primarily their decision to chop down some trees, and also that they left a multi-storey car park fully illuminated over Christmas, despite the car park itself being locked shut for the holidays.

I seem to be moaning a lot right now. This past month has seen me write to Nandos to complain about the flies that seemed to be everywhere in their Nottingham restaurant, to Fayre & Square to moan about their lack of service at one of their restaurants, to Pizza Go Go to whinge about a pizza being delivered to the wrong address and to Essex County Council to try and find out why they thought that putting a filter lane on one of the busiest roundabouts in town was a good idea.

The responses, so far, have been nothing from Fayre & Square, an email promising to look into the incident from Pizza Go Go, an apology and a voucher for a free platter from Nandos, and a letter stating that the filter lane was working from Essex County Council. I’m not overly satisfied with any response, truth be known, but I’m not sure I can be bothered to keep moaning.

In fact, I didn’t just contain my moaning to letter-based complaints, I even tweeted the official Tesco Twitter account to complain about their complete lack of customer service at their town centre store in Chelmsford. A tweet back said that they would let the Duty Manager know and had passed my comments on accordingly.

I think had I put a complaint in via email or in writing I may have gotten a voucher in response. I shall have to remember that in future.

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