Can you remember your car registration?

by DannyUK

Driving home from mum’s earlier, trying hard not to think about the fact that I’d dropped the cat off to the vets this morning and was returning in the afternoon with only a cat basket, and no plans to go back to the vets, it occurred to me that I’ve had my car since the start of May this year, yet still don’t know the registration number.


I’m not sure why my mind went down that route. I know I have a rough idea of the reg number, but certainly not an exact one. How do you even begin to start to remember your car registration number?

If the car was ever stolen I’d have trouble describing the colour. I think it’s officially a shade of grey, but to look at, it has a golden touch to it. I suspect that describing it as “a pretty crappy colour” wouldn’t cut it if it went missing.

Can you remember your car registration - Car colour - Taken from an article by

My car. Note the odd greyish / silverish / goldish colour.

I’m also giving thought as to what I need to do in the New Year.

Getting a new job is up there, as is possibly letting a room out in the flat, which annoys me that I probably need to do that, but needs must.

With a day and a half left of 2011 it’s going to go down as a year that promised so much, yet delivered so little, and I can’t say that the start to 2012 is going to be any easier. Judging by the tickly feeling in the back of my throat, it looks as though I’ll be seeing the new year in with a cold too. I suppose that the only way from there is up, right?

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