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Twitter is a strange beast.  I’m sat here in McDonalds in Chelmsford.  It’s 8.15am on a Sunday morning and nowhere else in town is open.  I’ve just tweeted that the High St is dead on a Sunday morning and it transpires that someone I follow on Twitter is also in town.

A quick conversation later and it turns out she lives in Tile Kiln, which is where both Mel and mum live, and what’s more than that, she is in McDonalds as we speak, which is a bit weird. I’m tucked away in a corner, not especially wanting to say hi, but it’s a small world, huh?

Alan came down to visit yesterday.  He said that he was aiming to get to Chelmsford for around 11 am, and was going to meet me at mums as I had the kids.  By the time I dropped the kids off at 2 pm I still hadn’t heard from him, barring a text I’d sent him at noon which he replied “ok sure”.

About fifteen minutes later he called me to apologise, he’d had friends staying over the night before, one of them had been sick everywhere, and he’d stayed at home to make sure it was all ok.  Sounded a bit like a crap excuse to me, but I wasn’t really too fussed.

He eventually got to Chelmsford train station at around 2.45pm, meaning my plans to watch the West Ham game which was being shown through a dodgy satellite link in a local pub was put back.  We got there five minutes after kick-off and proceeded to drink from then on.

We stopped off at Pizza Express for a meal, before heading to the nearest pub to the flat where after a couple of drinks Alan declared he wanted to go home.  It was only about 9 pm, and I’ve no doubt the previous night’s excesses had taken their toll on him, plus we had imbibed a few, and an early night it was.  He fell asleep on the sofa at 10 pm, and I left him to it about 45 minutes later.  I’ve no idea how he slept as I snuck out at 7.30am leaving him fast asleep while I got my caffeine fix.

Alan Wake and the kids - Taken from an article by

The kids when we visited Alan. He looks bewildered!

It’s strange meeting up with Alan.  We really don’t see much of each other, but he’s known me so long and knows me so well, it can be interesting to speak to each other as we often point out things about the other which are long forgotten or traits that are ignored or not seen by others.

For example, Alan declared that he knows I hate going out as a crowd of blokes and that I’d rather be out on a one to one with someone, which is absolutely spot on and something that Natasha, for example, probably hasn’t grasped about me.

The conversation was up and down, with revelations from us both about stuff we’d got up to in the past that both of us had been vaguely, but not fully aware of, as well as a discussion that Alan brought up about suicide.

Nothing grizzly, just a very frank and honest discussion about it.  I made sure to ask the question about whether he was suicidal, and he replied emphatically that he wasn’t, and I think it was probably on both of our minds after the suicide of Gary Speed last week, as we’re both football fans.

Today is a nothing day.  Having swapped having the kids from today to yesterday so that Mel could take them to her nans, this is the first Sunday in forever that I haven’t had them.  Alan is going to watch Spurs play, so I’ve said that - hangover permitting - I’d drive him to Ongar to meet his mate.

I’ve woken up hangover free, so driving won’t be a problem. I’ve no idea what time scale he is talking about, but I’d guess he will want dropping off around midday, leaving me with a full day of doing nothing.  Tomorrow I have Sky coming out to install Sky TV, which will be a blessing as my Freeview reception really is crap, and maybe I will be less bored in the evenings.

Edited to say: LiveJournal is crap sometimes.  I pressed “post to journal” and the bloody thing timed out.  Thankfully history has taught me to copy and paste my entries before pressing send and I was able to pop the entire entry back with just a Ctrl-V.  Just as well as the autosave only saved the first paragraph.

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