I read on the Facebook page of a friend today the following update:

‎"To evoke the true spirit of Christmas, Travelodge is opening it’s door and offering couples called Mary & Joseph and anyone called Jesus a free night’s stay at any one of its 480 UK hotels. " Forget the cheesy Christmas story, look at the wrong use of 'its'. LOOK AT IT.

Ignoring the comment about stray apostrophes (which I willingly admit have always bloodyt confused me when used with the word "it"), I offered the following observations:

If you're going to pick on words, I'd have chosen Travelodge. A lodge you use on your travels. A travel-lodge. So where has the missing "L" gone in the middle of the word? Travelodge, my arse.

I'm not sure why the bastardisation of the English language annoys me so much, especially when this blog itself is crammed full of spelling errors and mistakes, but the 'missing L' thing has always annoyed me.

I went on:

And while I'm having a moan, if Travelodge really wanted to evoke the spirit of Christmas, they'd turn away couples called Mary & Joseph, or at the very least only allow them to stay for free by the bins in the car park. And don't even get me started on the likelihood of three wise men and a virgin in any town with such an establishment.

The virgin / three wise men thing is an old joke, but completely relevant to this, but my main point about evoking the spirit of Christmas stands true.  In fact, I'm half tempted to write to Travelodge Head Office and say that, though I am not called Joseph, if I travel to the hotel by donkey, which is also evoking the spirit of Christmas, would I be able to stay for free.  Failing that, if I bring along a pregnant, underage (check your bibles) virgin whose child I am not the father of, but will be bringing up as my own, would that allow me to qualify too?

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