Aaliyah took her swimming badge last week, and though she has struggled with swimming we decided to stick to the same agreement we had with Charisma - If you can swim 100m (3 lengths of the main pool), you can stop going to swimming classes.  Charisma did hers a couple of years back, completed 200m and declared that she didn’t want to go swimming any more, which was fine.

With Charisma not going, we could then afford for Brooke to go, and she has been going for some time now.  Unfortunately, as money is so tight we just haven’t been able to afford to send Chance as well, and he is now five years old - an age that I feel he should be swimming by.  Fortunately Aaliyah passed her 100m with ease.  In fact, she did the same as Charisma, completing 200m and looking to all intents and purposes as though she could have gone on and done even more.

So this Tuesday I took Brooke as normal, and Chance who had his first lesson.  He was very excited to be going, even though both Mel and I agreed that he would hate it once he got in to the water.

I got them dressed for the pool, and as we are “out of season” Mel had struggled to find a decent pair of trunks for Chance to wear, so the new ones that he had on fitted loosely and looked as though they’d come flying down at any second. I put both kids into the shower (though, despite all of the “please shower before entering the pool” signs, I am pretty sure I’m the only one who does this with their kids) and Chance started crying because the shower went over his head and soaked him. Another parent was nearby, saw the tears and offered her towel so he could dry his face, which he did, but still looked desperately unhappy.

We went to the learner pool and the instructor was there already.  She looked quizically at Chance and I explained that Mel had spoken to someone about him starting lessons today.  The instructor said that she hadn’t been told, but that it was fine and, rather than teach from the sidelines, would I prefer it if she got in the pool with him today?  I said that was probably best, explaining that he hadn’t been in a pool for years, and also mentioning the shower / crying incident.

She gave him some armbands to put on,which he did happily, and then got him in the pool. For the next thirty minutes he didn’t stop grinning.  He LOVED it.  He was splashing around, doggy-paddling like he had been shown and generally being fantastic.  My fears that he would hate it were completely wrong, and even the nagging doubt that he’d get bored quickly were incorrect.  At the end of the lesson I collected him from the pool and asked him if he enjoyed it.  The smile on his face said it all and he nodded enthusiasticlally too.  Then without missing a beat he pointed at his armbands and said “I didn’t need to use these once!”

Cheeky little sod!

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