My OAP mum 

When I went to view the flat last Wednesday, my OAP mum asked if she could come along and view it too.  


I’ve got no problem with that, she is generally quite sharp and thinks to ask things that I don’t remember to.

We trundled along and met the estate agent outside the main doors to the building.  Being a block of flats, there was an entryphone system with buttons for six flats.  The agent buzzed our flat number and a couple of seconds later pushed the door open and let us in.

About an hour later, after we’d finished seeing the property and mum and I were discussing it alone, she suddenly asked, “So how do you get into the building if there is no-one in your flat to let you in?”  She was obviously confused about it, and I could see her brain struggling to come up with the answer.

“Oh, all you need to do,” I replied deadpan, “is to keep pressing the buttons for the other flats until you find someone who IS in, and then they let you in.”

“Well, THAT’S going to get annoying if you have someone that goes out late and keeps ringing on YOUR button!”

She had a genuinely pissed-off quality to her voice and was getting quite loud in her annoyance.

“Or,” I decided to put her out of her misery, “I could use the key fob they give you that opens the front door like a key.”

Bless her.

My OAP mum - Taken from a article

Mum and I in a rare photo together

A few hours later I’d taken her to Tesco to do some shopping and on the way back she was having a moan.  Her puppy is six months old now, and still toilet training, and she also has a few cats that are knocking on in years.

“Honestly Dan, I woke up this morning to two lots of crap and a pee puddle the size of a lake…” she told me.

I interjected with “Don’t be too hard on yourself mum, you’re getting old.  These things happen.”

Fortunately, she took it well.  It didn’t stop her moaning about the animals, though.

My mum is always coming out with things like this.  Searching for My OAP mum on the blog will bring up lots of other stories about her.

by DannyUK

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