Monday morning and I’ve not long dropped the kids off to school.  That’s me finished with them after picking them up from school last Monday and having them continuously since, as well as having them from Friday night to Sunday afternoon the day before, so all in all it’s been nine days straight.

They were generally pretty good, though there were some ups and downs, as always.  Interestingly the down times seemed to be when we were staying at nannys, when there was more arguments about going to bed, getting to sleep and so on.  As I’ve said before, mum and I get on well, but we tend to take it out on each other when the kids are playing up, which goes some way to explaining it.  When I was at Tashas with them, they were in bed by 8pm and asleep by 9pm each night, which was ideal.

There were a few funny moments in the week.  Last night Chance, who turns five next week, had just gotten out of the bath where he had been playing with a plastic whisk that his nanny had given him.

“Daddy, can I play with the whisk tomorrow night please?” he asked.

“You’re not here tomorrow Chance,” I replied, “you’ll be back at mummys.”

His face lit up: “Yay! Mummy!” He was so excited at the idea of being back at his mums that it made me smile, then he looked me in the eye and said, apropos of nothing: “I love mummy more than I love you daddy.”  Little sod.  I know he didn’t mean any malice by it, but he could have kept that to himself!
Towards the end of the week all the kids seemed a little more relaxed.  I  know that is a strange term to use, but it’s the best word I can think of.  Charisma, for example, was happy and messing about playing the fool in a fun and friendly way, when she is normally quite shy about stuff like that.  There was also no tantrumming from anyone (Aaliyah in particular) about wanting to see mummy, which we normally have.  All in all though, it is nice to hand them back.
I think Mel had been a bit cheeky this year, having a week off immediately after I had had the kids for a weekend when in past years the week has included a weekend, but that’s the way it is I guess.  Had I been living at mums still I probably would have asked her to change it.  Living at Tashas though has meant that I don’t have to put mum through the stress of having to have four kids around all the time (though I should mention that Mel has always been good enough to let me have the kids when they are at school, meaning that at least I don’t have to keep them entertained 24/7 when they are with me for the week).

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