Which song by The Beatles is your favorite, and why?

That’s a Hell of a question.  I was raised in a house that primarily played Tom Jones and Elvis.  Mum, despite being the same age as Paul McCartney, was never a Beatles fan.  That’s right, despite being the same generation as The Beatles, and old enough to witness them first time around, she didn’t like them, and therefore never really listened to them.

At school there was a kid in our class, Glen Manners, that loved the Beatles.  When he wasn’t skiving, tripping on acid or generally being naughty, he was telling everyone how great the Beatles were.  

One Christmas the classic Red & Blue albums were re-released, which I asked for and subsequently got given.  These were the greatest hits, starting at the beginning with the Red album, and moving onto to the last few years with the blue album.  Sticking all four cds in my multi-cd player at home, I spent the holidays listening to them, playing Civilisation on the Atari ST all the while, so much so that quite a few Beatles tracks remind me of ruling the English as they trash various other civilisations. 

When I started work my best friend Alan lent me Abbey Road, telling me how great an album it was.  I listened to it on cassette on the Bakerloo line, simply because I couldn’t get a radio signal there.  I was completely apathetic towards it, until Maxwells Silver Hammer came on.  A weird track, it is a couple of tracks in to the album, and although it made me smile, it wasn’t an instant classic for me.  It did, however, introduce me to a different side of the Beatles, and though I had generally liked their older, more experimental tracks that occupied the Blue album, I didn’t realise just how different they could be. 

Now I seem to have most of their albums in some format or another, mostly on the computer.  The ones that get played the most are the White Album, Abbey Road and Sgt Peppers, all of which have some outstanding tracks. Rocky Raccoon makes me smile as it mentions my name. The whole second side of Abbey Road is a musical journey which I can lose myself in for thirty minutes, and Sgt Peppers has A Day In The Life and Shes Leaving Home, both fantastic tracks.

My favourite, though?  I’m really not sure.  Old Brown Shoe is up there, as is Across The Universe, which incidentally my mate Beardy Ben has the starting lyrics tattooed across his arm.  Long And Winding Road is also a great song, and I’ve always loved their version of Twist And Shout, more so these days as it is sung (or rather, shouted) when West Ham go away.

I’d generally cite the last few tracks of Abbey Road as my favourite of The Beatles, as they merge together well, starting with You Never Give Me Your Money. To pick just one though? Her Majesty.  Just for the cheeky two lines of lyrics and less than 20 seconds of song.

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