We have a Tesco Home Plus in Chelmsford, which is a Tesco store packed with electrical goods and toys.  It’s similar to an Argos, but with everything on display rather than stocked away behind the scenes.  The store itself is split over two levels, with lifts at the back of the store to take you between the ground floor and the mezzanine, and at the front of the store two separate escalators doing the same thing.

The escalators are flat, rather than stepped, to allow people to push trolleys up and down, and move at a fairly slow pace and are, amusingly, called "travellators", though unlike Gladiators you don’t get to swing on a rope through a foam-brick wall at the end.

Tesco Home Plus also has a Costa Coffee section, and it happens to be the closest coffee shop to work, so I find myself popping in there for lunch.

Tasha came to see me at work last week and we decided to head to Tesco to grab a coffee.  Tasha hadn’t been to the store before, and didn’t know that the Costa section was upstairs.  As we walked through the entrance to the store I manoeuvred her towards the upwards-moving travellator, stopping at the bottom and extending my hand as a sign of good manners that she should go before me.  

As she stepped on the travellator and started moving away from me, I held my position at the bottom, just in front of the start of the travellator.

"Where are you going?" I asked, grinning from ear to ear.

Tasha smiled, looked embarrassed and then did a little girly run to get back down.  Even though the travellator wasn’t moving at any great speed it WAS moving, and as such, for every couple of steps that Tasha took to get back to me, she would find herself one step back.  In the end she broke into a little run to get back to the stationary section, and the image of her running back down and getting nowhere fast amused me far more that it should have done.

As she got back to my side, obviously slightly embarrassed and a little flustered, I said that I had just been kidding and that we had to go upstairs.  She laughed and stepped back on the travellator.  It was all I could do not to repeat the whole scenario again, but instead I got on and joined her.  

It’s the little things like that which make me laugh.  Had she done it to me, I’d probably have been pissed at being made to look daft, Tasha on the other hand took it well and laughed along.

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