Weird dream

I rarely dream. Or rarely remember my dreams perhaps.  Either way, last night I had the strangest dream that I can ever remember having.

It started with me being on a double decker bus.  I was standing just alongside the sign that reads “do not stand past this line or distract the driver”, idly chatting to the driver who just happened to be Stephen Fry. Quite why he was driving a bus is beyond me, but he was in a jovial, chatty mood, and we spoke happily as the bus sped along, seemingly not stopping to pick up passengers, which went some way to explaining why I was the only one on board.

The journey was over quickly, and the next part of the dream that I remember was with the bus being parked in a multi-storey car park that looked vaguely like Lakeside.  As we got off the bus, Stephen Fry pointed across the car park to a convertible whose owner was just walking away from it, having parked up. The owner was, weirdly, Gary Glitter, who promptly strolled out of the dream completely, with any reference to his car also going as Fry spotted a people carrier, complete with car seats in the back seats, just past where the convertible had been situated.

The people carrier was occupied, with a mum in the driving seat and a friend of hers in the passenger seat.  All doors on the car were open but I couldn’t see if the back seats were occupied or not.  This didn’t matter to Fry as he picked up the double decker bus and folded it in half, as you would do with a piece of paper.  Again, this wasn’t remotely strange in the dream, even though once he had folded it in two he then tried to fit it into the car by threading it through the boot and over the parcel shelf.

All of a sudden we all started laughing - Fry, myself and the two car occupiers - at how ridiculous it was to attempt to fit a folded double decker bus into a car, even though it had fitted snugly and without problem.

As I said. Weird dream.

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