Thinking that the week had settled down a little, I wasn’t expecting to hear from Mel again, but yesterday afternoon my phone rang with Mels number showing.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi hun," replied Mel, "you’re never going to guess what’s happened now - I’ve had a call from the school…"

"Oh God, what now?" I wasn’t overly worried as Mel sounded fairly chirpy.

"Brooke’s had an accident. She’s lost her two front teeth."

It turns out that at lunchtime Brooke was running around in the playground and ran smack bang into the back of another kid, knocking out her top middle tooth and badly loosening the one next to it. Neither were lose before, so she must have whacked her mouth with some force.

Brooke went back to lessons, but then started complaining of a sore mouth an hour or so later and so ended up coming back early.

Fortunately she seemed ok, and even this morning didn’t seem too worried by everything.  I think we’re lucky that both accidents happened in the school playground or we’d have social services on our doorstep by now!

It’s Friday now, hopefully we can get through the weekend without any more accidents.

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