It’s been a hectic week this week.  Monday started fairly mundanely, with work being as dull as ever.  At 3.30pm I got a phone call from a local Chelmsford number.  I answered it and it was our local Wacky Warehouse telling me that a picture Brooke had drawn the week before had won a small prize, I said that we’d drop by during the week and called Mel to let her know.  Mel said that she’d probably be able to get down there the same night and would call me to let me know what she had won.

Thirty minutes later my phone rang again and Mels number showed on screen.

"Hello!" I answered brightly, keen to hear what my youngest daughter had been given in the way of a prize.

"Dan, it’s Mark," 

He sounded worried, which immediately put me in a concerned state.

"Hi.  What’s up?"

"It’s Aaliyah, she’s had an accident at school and has broken her wrist. Can you get out of work? And do you want me to come and pick you up?"

My mind flashed with visions of what could have happened, and I told Mark I’d call him back.  Quickly dialling my boss, I explained the situation and said that I needed to leave to get to the hospital. He sounded a little flustered, but said that’d be fine, adding quickly that I should transfer the phones before I left which I thought was a little cheeky.

I rushed out of the door, calling Mark as I went. He said he was at the school and was waiting to hear what they were doing with Aaliyah now that the paramedic had turned up and asked if I wanted picking up.  I told him I’d make my way down and that once the paramedic had finished to call me.

Running to the bus stop, a bus turned up straight away which is rare, and after hopping off, dumping my bag at mums and explaining to her what had happened as her phone was broken and I couldn’t call her, I ran up to the school.

Getting there I saw Mark in the playground along with a teacher, and making my way through to the classroom Aaliyah was sitting down, a sling over her shoulder and her arm wrapped in a magazine in the sling. She had been crying and her eyes were red as a result. There were two teachers with her, as well as Mel and the paramedic, and we all took turns trying to keep her distracted. Every time she wasn’t either talking or listening to one of us, her face would crumple and she’d start to cry.  

Aaliyah explained that she had been playing in the playground after school as Brooke was at after school club, and had stretched up to grab a hold of the monkey bars but hadn’t quite reached, and when she fell she had landed on her right arm. Mel pulled me to one side and explained that the arm looked bad, and that it was a definite break. Apparently her forearm had a very visible bend in it from halfway up and towards the wrist, and that an ambulance had been called.  The other kids had been rushed off by Mels friend Nicola who, it turns out, was insured on Marks car and was therefore able to take our three uninjured lot as well as her own daughter and the two she was babysitting.

Eventually an ambulance turned up.  We got to the hospital and had the arm x-rayed. The result showed that not only were both bones broken, but that the breaks had happened in such a way that the two broken parts of each bone were sitting on top of each other, meaning they would need resetting. Aaliyah stayed in hospital overnight, choosing her mum to stay with her, and I went home to look care of the others.  Aaliyah had been given Capol by the paramedic at school, but in hospital they kept her dosed up with morphine which, naturally, helped ease her pain massively.  As it turned out, Nicola said that Charisma wanted to have a sleepover at hers, which suited me, and I took Brooke and Chance in for the night, getting them ready for school the next day before hotfooting it back to the hospital.

By the time I got there at about 9.45am (bloody busses!) Aaliyah had gone down for surgery and Mel was waiting in the childrens ward.  The "resetting" ended up being a "manipulation" though I’m not sure there’s too much of a difference, and the operation took a couple of hours. We were called up to see Aaliyah when she woke up, and she looked in pain still, but she was quickly taken back to the childrens ward and after being given some more morphine, she was feeling much better in no time.  I left her a few hours later to get the kids from school and thankfully she was well enough to come home rather than stay in much longer.

She’s now sporting a cast which has been signed by everyone in the family and is in much better spirits.  She’s not impressed with being kept off of school for a week, which the hospital recommended as they want to check that the bones are healing properly next Tuesday and have said that she shouldn’t go back until that was done, and was concerned about falling behind at school, but I think she now accepts that it is what it is and she’s ok with it.

It couldn’t have happened at a busier time.  Mel has a cat that gave birth last night, producing three stillborn kittens which meant a rush to the vets, followed by two healthy ones, and Mel was aware that the cat would give birth any time after the weekend, which meant she wasn’t sure what she’d come home to after being at the hospital.  It was also mum’s birthday on Tuesday, which meant that we didn’t know if we would be able to go out for a birthday meal that I had promised her (not that it would have been the end of the world if we hadn’t of course), and it was also right on top of the 10th anniversary of Mel giving birth to her first son, who tragically died after a few days.

The dust seems to have settled now and life has slipped back into its normal stride.  Fingers crossed that it all stays relatively boring in future as I don’t want to see the kids go through anything similar in the future!

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