Speaking with Erica when we met a few weeks back, she mentioned in passing that she was trying to write a couple of children books. She didn’t indicate what they were about, how they’d be written or anything else, but did comment saying that she wasn’t sure if they’d be any good, as well as generally showing the angst you’d expect from someone trying to show their creative side.

I told her that she should go for it, and for a couple of weeks after I kept nudging her to do so via reminders and generally being a pain in the backside on Twitter, trying to tread the fine line between a friendly nudge and a hostile poke to get her to finish what she’d started. I grew massively conscious of becoming a pain in the arse and stopped the reminders, ceasing to discuss it as I know how much of a pain it is when you have someone on your back over something.

Today, on Twitter, Erica revealed that she had completed two manuscripts and was sending them off today. Further probing revealed that she is sending them to a well-known publisher that accept unsolicited scripts, and that she would hear back within 12 weeks.

I’ve no idea how good (or bad!) the stories are. I don’t know what they entail, who the characters are, whether it’s steeped in reality or all based in imagination. All I know is that I felt over the moon for her. Writing something and getting completed is the first and hardest step, and I know how pleased I have been when I have written something, no matter how good, bad or indifferently it is received by those that see it.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Erica, who I know also reads this blog. Congrats hun. May these be the first of several successes for you!
In the meantime, with Erica completing her scripts, and Alan revealing to me via text that he is hoping to start doing stand up at the end of October, it has once again got me thinking about what I could do. I’ve always wanted to do something creative, though I suspect I don’t have the skill level that I’d like to be able to write to. However, as I have said several times before, there is so much out there that is “below par” that I seriously think being successful in a creative arena can’t be as hard as it may seem.

I know for a fact that this won’t go anywhere for me right now. My mind is completely preoccupied with thoughts of moving, money worries and God knows what else, and I can only ever write when my mind is either free of thought or in a happy mindset. I’ll be intrigued to see how Alan’s adventure plays out, how he copes not only with writing something, but also finding the balls to get on stage and perform it. It’s something I’ve always felt I could do, but have never mustered the courage to follow through on it.

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