Sitting with Tasha in a local restaurant last night, our waitress was perhaps the chattiest and friendliest person I’ve seen for a long time.  She was happy and making silly remarks all night, and was generally entertaining.

At one point she came over to us and started talking about a customer at a table the other end of the room.

"Apparently we’ve got someone famous in tonight!" she said, excitedly, "I was just serving him and his girlfriend at the table, and when I came away my mate said ‘oh he’s famous!’ and I thought she was just taking the Mickey, you know? Cos we’re always doing stuff like that, playing jokes on each other.  It’s only when my manager went over and asked him to sign a menu - cos that’s what we do with famous people, and we keep the menus out back - that’s when I realised she was being serious!"

She barely took a breath as she ran through this news.

"So who is it?" we ventured to ask.

"Oh, well that’s the thing - when she said it was someone famous I thought she meant someone from Big Brother or Heat magazine - Chantelle comes in here all the time - but he’s a snooker player apparently.  I said to him that I didn’t really know him and his girlfriend said he’d just won a big tournament or something - Ali Carter’s his name."

"I’m not a big snooker fan either," I added, trying to sound friendly, "and you’re right - I bet he’s never been in Big Brother OR Heat magazine!"

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