I venture on to a football forum every now and then, in particular choosing to hang around in the West ham forum. Although I’ve used the forums for years, I’ve only really used the West Ham forum since the start of the year, having found it before too cliquey.

Being cliquey and as anonymous you care to be can be quite liberating though, and it seems that this forum thrives on cutting remarks and gallows humour.

Take todays exchange, for example, which is typical of the way things occur there, with everyone knowing bits and pieces about others, but not huge amounts, though Member 2 is a father-to-be, with his wife being about 16 weeks pregnant:

Member 1 wrote on Thu, 09 September 2010 11:39:

just chatting to my mate. (Member 2, dont read, seriously - its baby stuff

his mrs miscarried at 20 weeks while i was away, but she still had to have the baby 🙁 surprised they aint invented something to just dissolve it in there or something.

they had a little service for it yesterday. shit is messed up. what do you say to someone in this situation?

I immediately replied:

You say: "I’ll buy that cot off of you for a tenner?" 

And it was taken in the dark humoured manner it was intended.

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