I managed to leave work a couple of hours early yesterday as I  was feeling rough, not that it seems to have done me much good in the longer run.  I called my boss at 4pm and said that I was feeling ill and would he mind if I left early.  There was nothing happening at work, and although it meant closing the office early, it didn’t really have any impact, so he agreed.  

I’ve dragged my arse into work today as I’m really not ill enough to justify taking a sick day, though I still have the achey body and sore throat. I’ve just spoken to my boss, who called me on the mobile to see how I was .  I told him (honestly) that I wasn’t feeling great, but that I was ok to be in work and he asked me if there was anything else wrong.  It makes me laugh that he seems to think there is always something underlying with me, and I’m sure he thinks I am looking for a new job, even though I have told him I’m not actively looking and that if anything came up I’d talk to him first.  Still, it’s nice that he gives me the impression that he cares.  I’ve only got one customer in today, due in around 11.30am, and once that is done I am considering trekking into town to get some coffee (obviously) and some flu tablets.  The paracetamol I’m taking just don’t seem to be doing the trick at the mo.

I mentioned to mum yesterday that I was feeling rough and she immediately said it was because I was burning the candle at both ends.  I explained that, although I had been out for a meal with Tasha the previous night, I’d been in bed by 11pm and asleep soon after, and that I hadn’t been out before that for about a week.  She immediately said that it was a result of going out a few times the previous week that was causing me to be ill. I couldn’t be bothered to argue, and just grunted in a teenageish way before heading to bed. I must have fallen asleep at about 7pm, waking again at midnight and eventually getting back to sleep at about 3am. I was hoping that my manager would be in the branch today and would see my tired demeanour and hear my sore throat and send me home.  Unfortunately he isn’t, so I’m here on my own and getting on with things.  

Chance had his first day at big school yesterday.  He seemed really excited when I saw him in the morning and Mel said when she picked him up at 1pm (half days for the first couple of weeks) that he ‘d had a really good day and didn’t want to take his uniform off when he got home. Bless him  so that’s all four of mine out of nursery now.  It won’t be too long until Brooke makes the step up to Juniors and Charisma goes on to senior school.  Where has the time flown?

I popped round to see the kids this morning and they all seemed in good spirits. They all enjoyed their first day back at school which I think is a first as normally the eldest two find something to moan about, but they too were quite happy.  As I wa sleaving a guy pulled up outside the house, got out of his car, looked at me and asked: "Mark?"

"No." I replied, being thoroughly impolite and not expanding on anything.

"Oh, I had this down as so-and-so street.  Number so-and-so?" he said.

"That’s right." 

The guy looked confused.

"But you’re not Mark? Oh.  I’m not sure what’s happened there."

"If you knock and ask for Mel, she’ll sort you out." I offered.

"I’ll… erm.. just call first, I think."

I was Really tempted to say "Mark’s not in.. that’s his other half. Don’t mention to anyone that you saw me coming out of the house, yeah?" but thought better of it. even though it could have been quite funny.  Turns out thatthe was there to quote for the kitchen, which is, I assume, to decorate it rather than replace it.

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