Tuesday morning, the first day back at work after a Bank Holiday weekend and I’m bored.  So bored in fact that I have wandered into town early to post off the stuff that has to go Guaranteed Next Day to the Old Bailey and have a coffee. 

Town is once again packed.  The Post Office queue was huge and no sooner had I clocked it, I decided to turn around and get my coffee first.  Now I’m sitting here, trying desperately not to rush back to work as it is boring me rigid right now. That concerns me.  I’ve often had jobs that I just plain don’t love (and am massively jealous of those that claim they "love" their work), and can’t think of anything off the top of my head that I would really really like to do for a living.  Certainly not anything that pays well, at least.  Part of me thinks that I should just pull my finger out and try and do something creative as a sideline, but the more I think about it, the more I realise I don’t possess the ability to do this.  

I enjoy writing, but only sometimes.  There are often days that I feel the urge to write but can’t find the will to write anything down.  (Today is such a day, hence the randomness of this entry).  I want to write something funny that I can send off, but cant think of any ideas.  I write in this blog just to keep myself amused, and generally try to keep it light for public reading and a bit ranty or offish for private reading.  I have a West Ham blog that I write in every now and then.  I’ve submitted articles to a local magazine which have been published the past 3 out of 4 months. Yet nothing seems to have any real substinance to it.

I’d love to be able to travel somewhere and write about that, much like Bill Bryson (though I don’t really like his work) or Danny Wallace (whose work I do like, but think is fairly easy to do), but I’m not sure I have the outgoing nature to pull off such a thing, plus it all seems a little twee.

I’ve had an idea in my head about driving round the country visiting coffee shops, but it’s just that - an idea.  There’s nothing remotely interesting about it, and no guarantee than anything interesting would happen. There’s also no real goal to it. And in truth I dare so I thought of the idea as a way to feed my caffeine addiction and also to get some ideas for running a coffee shop myself.

Maybe one day I’ll get round to thinking of a full concept and then putting it into action.

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