I pushed open the door to the school uniform shop and stepped inside.  We’d just been told that the last item we’d ordered for Chance had come in stock, and judging by the sheer volume of bags they had behind the counter, they were obviously running behind on all of their orders.

"Can I help you?" asked the slightly flustered man behind the counter.

"Yes please, I’m here to pick something up."

"Ok, what school is it for?"

"Ahhh…" total memory loss.  Bugger.  I gave him my surname. "It was ordered a couple of weeks ago" I added helpfully.

"I’m afraid we need the name of the school."

I closed my eyes, confident that this would help me concentrate and remember the name of the school.  I opened them again to find both counter-man and another customer staring at me. I wondered if I had been humming to help the thought process along.

"Mildmay!" I almost shouted it with relief, turning to smile at the other customer who was looking at me in astonishment.

"Infants or Junior?" asked Counter Man.

"Infants." I said confidently, before tutting slightly and shaking my head, saying with a smile "I wouldn’t mind, but this is the fourth one I’ve had go there!"

It was only after saying it that I realised it made me look even more of an idiot than before.

I suppose if the hat fits…

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