A Bank Holiday is the only time that I get to enjoy a lay in.  Every other day I am either getting up to go to work or I have the kids over, and they NEVER lay in.  At least, not at the same time as each other.  With the new job ensuring that I work every other Saturday I tend to savour the time off I have during the year and on Bank Holidays, which is completely different that when I worked for the bank as I was working Tuesday to Saturday every week, and hated Bank Holidays when "normal" people were invading my weekend. 

What with today being the last Bank Holiday for a while I was hoping to sleep in until 10am.  For some reason, my body had other ideas and I was wide awake at 7am, an Infomercial for a stomach exercising machine playing seemingly on loop on the tv.  I had vague recollections of waking at 4am and putting the tv on so I could get back to sleep with the sounds of Dave or Comedy Central playing out in the background.

Still, waking at 7am means that I pretty much have the whole day to myself.  I saw Tasha yesterday and spent a few hours with her, before she invited herself in (or rather sat in the car with a pout until I invited her in), and then nicked half of the roast dinner mum had left for me.  I kicked her out after a couple of hours as we were sitting with mum in the living room watching a documentary about Harold Shipman on tv, mum piping up every now and then with questions and comments on Mels proposed house move, all of which was slowly driving me insane.  Tasha had suggested going to hers to watch a film, but I knew that would result in me sleeping there and not getting back to Chelmsford until Tasha rose from her bed at whatever time in the afternoon she deemed acceptable.  

After showering and getting dressed I wandered to town.  The 1.5m mile walk is definitely getting easier (at last) and the continued walking to work is, I think, paying dividends.  I weighed myself over the weekend and am at 15st 2lb, when I normally clock in around 16 st of late.  My legs are more toned - in fact even Tasha commented on them yesterday, but there is every chance that she was saying that tongue in cheek or just plain taking the piss.  I’ve worked out that the journey to work each day is around 1.5m, and I’ve been walking to and from work daily, so that’s 3m every day.  Added to that is a trip from work to Tesco, which is the nearest place to grab lunch, which is 0.6m each way. The trip from work to town, which is where I go to have a sit down lunch, do the banking or visit the Post Office is just over a mile each way, so in the past couple of weeks I have been doing on average 5m per day every weekday.

I wish I had the ability to rigidly stick to a decent diet, or to commit to doing a set amount of exercise each day or week, but I acknowledge that it’s only necessity that is causing me to walk so much, and although I am trying to cut back on the amount of bad stuff I eat, I have only ever really been able to do this by physically not having too much food around me.  If there’s no chocolate in the house, I can go without.  If there’s a Galaxy in the fridge or a Ben and Jerrys in the freezer I have to eat it.  Mind over matter just doesn’t work sometimes. 

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