by DannyUK

“We saw three massive spiders at ours the other day!” Charisma told me excitedly.


None of the kids have ever liked spiders, instead preferring to get either me or Mel to capture and remove the 8 legged little beasts, which is all very well, but I’m not exactly a fan of them, even if I do get rid of them heroically, pretending I’m Superdad. Which is why it was even more surprising to me that Charisma seemed to be retelling the short tale rather joyfully.

“Three spiders?” I reiterated for effect, “Was you scared of them?”

“No,” she said, recounting her bravery, “in fact, we named them!”

“What did you name them?”

“Brooke called her one ‘Tinkle’, Chance called his one ‘Silly Head’…”

“No,” interrupted Aaliyah, correcting her sister, “he called it MISTER Silly Head!”

“Oh yeah, Mr Silly Head, that’s right!”

“What did you call your one?” I asked, expecting another weird and wonderful name.

“Bob.” came the reply.


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