Starting out with an iPhone 4

by DannyUK

After ruining my Nokia N86, I thankfully have access to a credit card, and despite vowing not to use it, I have been steadily running it up over the past few weeks.

I decided to add to that and got myself an iPhone. £119 from Orange, I think it cost, plus £35 per month on a contract.

I shopped around but it seems that Apple has told all retailers that by selling the iPhone they agree not to “devalue the brand” by selling it at a discounted rate, so everywhere was more or less offering the same thing.


This morning I called Orange to get a lower tariff on my existing contract, only to be told that they could only lower it from £35 per month to £25 per month for now, and that I could call back in a couple of months and update my “Best Plan” which would, after 2 months of non-use, offer me a lower tarriff. That contract runs through until March, an expense I could have done without, but never mind.

As for the iPhone, I’m still getting used to it. Bizarrely, I struggle to make calls on it, not because of the problems that exist with the iPhone 4 and the dodgy manufacturing which meant it couldn’t get a signal if held a certain way, but because I can’t seem to figure out how to make a call after accessing the contact list. I’ll get there, it just doesn’t seem immediately obvious.

I’ve also had to reinstall iTunes, a piece of software that I hated with a passion 6 years ago when I had to use it after winning an iPod in a competition and vowed never to use again given a chance.

It doesn’t seem to have improved that much, though I am quite happy to admit this may be down to me refusing to give it a chance. I was struggling this morning to get it to update my podcasts, and after much gnashing of teeth, followed by a reluctant check on the online instructions, it was because I hadn’t ticked something that needed ticking.

I ticked, saved, and re-synched, only to find that I had done it incorrectly and as a result, my iPod section of the phone had been wiped. Fuckers.

I did it again, and it worked fine, but following on from Friday when I tried to update my contacts, I pressed a button and managed to delete all my numbers that had just been stored, so it’s not doing anything to endear me to it right now.

I’m also amazed that there is nothing that allows you to store texts, or to use your PC to send texts via Bluetooth as there is with Nokia. Nokia have a piece of software called “Nokia PC Suite” which I thought would have been a fairly standard tool across the board, but apparently not, so I am left to trawl the app store to find something suitable, having only found one thing worth using so far - ZeroTap - which allows you to log into a website, type something online, open the corresponding app on your phone and then coping and pasting the text which appears in the app as it was typed on the web. A bit long winded.

I’ve also discovered that the alarm on the iPhone seems a bit crap too, and certainly not loud enough to wake me, being at a volume similar to an ants fart. Still, I’ll get there, and I am doing well so far to not waste money on lots of shitty little apps.


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