People annoy me. Although I am up and down about being single, the best and worst part is the same: Being alone.

What I REALLY can’t stand is people that let you down.

I mentioned on here a little while ago that I was trying to get on and get a West Ham podcast made. After much chasing from my end, we finally arranged a meet up of three of us: Myself, Sam - who works for a football media company that would provide the equipment, location and resources to record and publish the podcast, and Lee, a fellow West Ham fan that I vaguely know through a West Ham forum.

We were all due to meet up last Monday, but during the day Lee contacted us and said he couldn’t make it for whatever reason. I was annoyed, but Sam and I agreed to meet up and see how we got on, what we could try and achieve with the podcast and so on, which is what we did. We didn’t get huge amounts sorted, but arranged to meet up today, after work, to go through things again and get a first episode recorded, which we wouldn’t necessarily release, but would give us an idea of how things worked. As we planned this, Lee told us (via Google Wave that we were chatting to him on) that he couldn’t get to London until Sun 15th at the earliest. This was annoying as it meant that we would be planning our first proper podcast without having all met up. We acquiesced and said it was fine, and even put a positive spin on it, saying that we could use it as an opportunity to test out our phone-recording software which we planned to speak to others on during the podcast. Excellent. All agreed.

I texted Lee earlier and asked if he was ready for tonight, and he replied that he probably wasn’t as he had forgotten all about it, and that he might not even be around to do the phone call tonight. Suffice to say that has properly pissed me off, more so because as I look back through the Wave conversation, it seems to be that has put together the basic premises of a show, including features and a running order. I don’t mind so much if Sam takes a back seat as I know that without him I can’t achieve anything with the podcast, but to have Lee put in so very little and then not even be arsed to take a phone call I think is really taking the piss.

It’s only struck me today just how much I want to do this bloody podcast. It costs me £20 to get to London and back by train, and I’m only going there to do this, so to have someone be a let-down is frustrating.

Added to that, I have texted Sam to ask if he is still up for it, but I’ve heard nothing back. I then Tweeted him a couple of hours later and still nothing (and I can see he using Twitter which makes it all the more infuriating), now I feel like a dumped girl and wondering if I am being over the top or whether I should just let the whole thing die a death, which is even more annoying given that even this morning I was writing a proper intro for the show so it didn’t sound like 3 blokes had rolled up with fuck all to say.

Very annoyed and frustrated right now. Very.

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