The weekend is almost here, and for once I am really looking forward to it. The week at work has been slower than ever, made worse by three days having someone else in the branch (Luke, the Underwriting guy for two days, and Sham, my manager, for a day) which means that I feel compelled to stare at my computer screen all day, rather than eek out my workload so that I can have a fairly leisurely day.

Added to that the fact that I’ve only had one customer all week and I’m ready to get out of here ASAP. I’ve always put my roots down in a job, and although I have the potential to do that here, I am getting itchy feet at having so little to do. If I could find a better paid similar job in Chelmsford, I’ve no doubt I’d go Hell for leather to get it. As it is I’d probably have to trek to London every day to get something similar but better paid, and then I’d automatically be paying out an extra £300 or so in travel every month.

That’s all by the by for now. I officially finish here in 45 minutes, then I pick the kids up at 7pm (after a 20 minute walk home and a spot of dinner), I’ve got them until Sunday at 1pm then I’m shooting off to London to meet a friend that I know through Twitter (God, I feel geeky saying that), which I’m looking forward to as well. Even if we don’t get on, I’m quite happy to wander around London on my own and checking out the sights. Or hitting the pubs and having a few drinks, you know… whatever…

I’m back in work Monday, but as soon as work finishes I’m heading back to London to speak to a couple of guys about setting up a West Ham podcast, which I have wanted to do for a couple of years. More accurately, I’ve wanted to do a football podcast, so for me this is a bit better, being a West Ham fan. One of the guys works for a company that has a decent sized football presence on the web, and I mentioned a podcast in passing to him a couple of months ago. Another West Ham fan picked up on it and after much badgering from me (if anyone agrees to something with me, I need to action it straight away, or at least have an idea of when it’s going to be actioned or else I feel like I’m going insane) we’ve finally sorted a day to meet up, discuss and possibly even record a demo. Sam, who works for Football United, seems to have access to some rudimentary kit that we can use, and I’ve shoved some ideas for what we can discuss up on a Google Wave chat that we are having.

I’ve no idea if anything will come from this, but I’m pleased to be giving it a go. I’m not a natural talker, so I’m hoping there will be some kind of spark between the three of us on the podcast so that we can bounce off of each other and get some kind of banter going on. If it does work well then it’ll mean a weekly trip to London, which my wallet can’t really afford right now, but that I will find a way of extending to as it seems worthwhile.

As with all things though, time will tell. The whole weekend has the potential to be fucked up, what with there being so many variables, but hopefully the kids will behave, Sunday afternoon will go well and Monday will work out.

Fingers crossed, please!

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