I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. This past week seems to have dragged during work time and flown by during my free time. Working Mon-Fri and then having the kids from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, and then working from Mon - Sat afternoon and having the kids on a Sunday afternoon means that I feel like I’m not getting a break. I know that’s probably an over-reaction, especially for the people who look after their kids 24/7, but then I think about Mel who, granted, has to look after our four monsters all the time. But she also gets over a day and a half every fortnight where she doesn’t have to look after them, and she also has the whole of each school day where she doesn’t have them, so she has a break of sorts. She certainly doesn’t need to be sat in an office all day.

Work is, as you can probably guess, annoying me. I’ve never known an office so dead. Working alone is to my advantage as I can make my workload spread throughout the day, but once a week I have my Manager here with me all day, so I feel as though I have to be seen to be working constantly, which is hard when there’s not much work to do. Yesterday was another slow day as I had a guy from CT, the company that owns the company I work for, down to teach me about underwriting. Apparently I’ve been chosen as I am the newest branch, and as I haven’t been set in my ways with several years of poor underwriting in the company, they should start with me. I find this ridiculous. Tell me how you want me to underwrite a deal, and then check that I’ve done it correctly. Simple. If I do it wrong, pull me up. Don’t take 2 days out to teach me to suck eggs. Even I can cast a quick eye around another branches deals and find glaring problems with their deals.

And if you DO want me to do things completely by the book, I fully understand that. Even if you turn a blind eye to everyone else. But don’t then tell me to book a deal when I point out it doesn’t meet the company criteria. That’s just ridiculous.

Gah. Rant over, I think. I have more to blog about, namely where I ended up last Wednesday, but I’m aware that Numbnuts from the underwriting team is due back in today to spend another 7 hours sucking the life from the branch. In fact, I might bugger off for 45 minutes later, saying I have to get to the bank or something. Anything to get out.

Roll on the weekend - No work, I have the kids over and then I’m meeting a friend for coffee. Looking forward to it, and it’s good to have something to look forward to.

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