I find it hard to wrap my head around people that are really self motivated. I’ve read a couple of extracts recently about friends - one online, one offline - who have lost weight, both proclaiming to not be completely satisfied, but both agreeing that they are happier than before.

Michelle, who had twins a year ago next month, has worked hard, exercising non stop and sticking to a low calorie diet of something like 1400 calories per day. This demonstrates a steely determination to lose weight that I can only dream of. Don’t get me wrong, I can start off with strong will power, but it rarely sticks, and unless I take the all-or-nothing approach, I tend to not be able to stick to whatever I’m doing.

Is that what’s meant by an addictive personality? I want it all or nothing? I can eat chocolate by the truckload or not at all. There’s no middle ground. Or I love the thrill of the chase, the flirting and the ultimate thrill of a conquest, but it’s something I either chase passionately, or something I don’t bother with at all.

I don’t get me. At all. And sometimes that fucking annoys me.

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