Chelmsford Beer Festival 2010

The Chelmsford Beer Festival 2010 had come and gone for another year, and this time it was just Tasha and I that went together.


Due to my having the kids this weekend, we arranged to go on Thursday night, despite both having work the next day. I started to list the various beers that I was trying, just in a geeky look-back-and-remember kinda way, but that soon went out of the window.

The first three that I did remember to list were the bottle of Schlag lager, which I had to go for, just for the name. This tasted good, but was very cloudy.

I thought it was condensation on the outside of the glass originally, but then saw it was the natural colour of the beer, which was a little off putting for a lager. This was followed by a chocolate based beer, which was more chocolately than you may expect, though the glass looked like a sewer of muck rather than a drink. Daleside Blonde followed, which if I remember rightly tasted of nothing although it looked pleasantly golden.

I then bumped into Jen, a girl I saw a couple of times last year which faded away to nothing. I’d sent her a two-for-one Orange text the previous day which she had asked for via Twitter, and to thank me she bought me a beer.

Chelmsford Beer Festival 2010

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I decided to go for the one that had Chelmsford in its name, but I’m buggered if I can remember what it was actually called. Whatever it was it was dark, dark brown, and smelt a little light manure, which was offputting. It also tasted rank. After that my memory gets a little hazy, drinkwise.

I know that we made the decision to skip our planned curry and instead carry on drinking in town, and there was another pint of Fosters in Q Ball, which is the local pool club before I practically dragged Tasha kicking and screaming to Chicagos, which for some reason stank of fish.

The club was empty, and all I can remember doing is drinking JD & Cokes, eventually getting out at 2am (on a school night!) having been persuaded by Tasha that staying until 4am wasn’t the best plan in the world.

A greasy chicken and chips meal later and I was home and in bed, waking up about 4 hours later to drag my arse into work. I had a horrible hangover, and disposing of the leftover chicken and chips didn’t help.

Thankfully it was only a headache hangover, which went away at the back end of the day, having been chased away with headache tablets, water and some horrible chocolate milk shake sports drink thing that Tasha brought me after she decided that working from my office was a good idea.

The lesson I have learnt from this is simply a) Do not mix any kind of drinks and b) Stick to just JD & Coke.

by DannyUK


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