It’s been a slow end to the week at work this week. We started off well, with a busy Monday and a couple of loans on the Tuesday, but it’s been dead since.

Wednesday I had an IT bod from Head Office down to install a new Cisco phone, which works on VOIP, using the internet line which allows for cheaper calls. It also means that all calls get routed via our Norwich Head Office, meaning cheaper phone calls, free internal calls to other offices and - most scarily - they will be recording every call that we make.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but it means that a) they can check everything we say to people, and some of the calls I’ve heard others do in the company are not what you would consider compliant to any code of conduct. Also, b) it means that they csn run reports on how long you have spent on the phone. This isn’t a bad thing as long as they realise that a 9.5 hour working day will not produce 9.5 hours of phone calls. In fact, if I think back to when I worked at Powwow Water, the outgoing call girls used to do about 3 hours of calls per day as a maximum.

Apparently my branch is the guines pig for this new phone. No-one has been able to explain why, but it is what it is and I have to get on with it. The engineer was hoping to be here for 30 minutes, but for some reason the phone wouldn’t work properly and he was here for over 4 hours. He left with the phone fully working. I say fully working, but dialling “9” to get an outside line meant that the call showed up as a Norwich number on whoever’s phone we were calling, so now I ave to dial “1395” to get the correct external line to show as a Chelmsford number.

I came in the following day to find that out internat was down. The phone line, PC access and various online applications were all out of action, and no amount of rebooting the router and various other pieces of equipment was working. I blamed the new phone and settled down for an hour or twos reading, explaining the situation to my boss when he walked in ten minutes later. Obviously when he told me to try again everything bloody worked first time, so I had no reason to skive. He was here all day, which meant that the work I had to do, which I can normally stretch over a day, was done in no time at all as I was constantly working, and subsequently the day REALLY dragged by.

Today is different though, I’ve done some bits of work but nothing that is going to knacker me out, the new phone is up and down (more the latter for the past couple of hours) and I have just been told that a customer is due in this afternoon, so it should be a decent finish to the week.

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