I’ve recently started listening to Richard Herring’s podcast As It Occurs To Me (AIOTM). It’s a free weekly podcast which he writes on the Sunday, records on the Monday and releases on the Tuesday. It’s an easy way to waste 30 or so minutes every week, and although I wouldn’t strictly say it’s my type of humour, I enjoy listening to it. Herring also has a website with a blog which he updates daily, a feat he has done for over 5 years now. It got me wondering if I’d ever be able to blog daily.

I suppose that, if I needed to, I could. I doubt it’d be hugely interesting, and I’d certainly have to overcome the difficulty I have in blogging about the bad stuff (my lack of a review from 2007 in my “Decade in review” is testament to that).

The week has gone by fairly quickly so far, seeing as the kids have stayed since Monday. I have a feeling that the weekend ahead will drag by due to it being massively hot and humid, and that I’ll see the result of a week of poor sleep all round as we all argue.

That aside, the kids have behaved fairly well, and although we have had a few tears from Aaliyah at the start of the week, and a stroppy moment or two from Charisma, we’ve got through the week without any huge upsets. Chance’s birthday is on Monday, which should be good. We’ll probably give him his presents on Sunday as Monday will be a mad dash to school and then for me to work, and by doing it on Sunday he can get to play with his presents.

First though, I need to tackle the weekend. I think a trip to the park and maybe a trip to town might be in order.

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