“I think you should grow a beard again for V.” said Tasha, with a very slight glint in her eye. She said ‘again’ as I had grown a beard a couple of years before when we’d both gone to the V Festival in Chelmsford.

“Why do you think I should grow a beard again?” I replied, fully aware that the ginger gene running through the family ensures that any kind of facial hairs shows shades of red in any kind of light.

“I was looking through the photos on Facebook the other day. You looked HOT!”

V is held in August. I’d known Tasha for the best part of 10 months by then. Ten months that I had spent trying very hard (and failing equally as hard) to get into Tasha’s knickers.

“You only said that because you was taking the piss.”

“No I wasn’t - seriously, you looked hot!”

“And you still didn’t sleep with me?!”

“That’s right!”

So, being the self-doubting fool that I am, I decided not to shave and grow a beard again to see if it does indeed suit me. I remember thinking at the time that it suited me as much as being clean shaven suited me (and why is it when I hear the phrase “clean shaven”, I immediately think of women in porn films?). If nothing else, not shaving every day is a welcome relief.

I was swapping texts with Michelle earlier and mentioned that I was growing a beard again, having briefly done so when we started dating earlier this year.

“Lol! A beard suited u so it will be ok!” she said. I’m not sure why she preceded her message with ‘lol’, but for the sake of a blog update I will pretend that my previous text to her had been extremely witty.

“You think? Last time you said you’d “gotten used to it” lol” which, I think, were almost her exact words. Along with a little moan that it made her itchy when she kissed me.

“Yeh i did get used to it and i thought it suited u!”

So, that was two positive reviews of the beard, even if they did come a little later than I’d have liked.

I’m now a week down the line and decidedly non-fussed about the whole thing. Knowing me, I’ll have it for a few weeks and then get bored and shave it off, but it seems that the beard is the most exciting thing in my life right now - Hence the blog. How boring is that?

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